🐠Does fish make sound?📢

Are you thinking… ?
I had the same question on my mind yesterday as I was thinking about the unique sounds of all animals and birds while feeding my precious baby(this is how I call her). If it makes sound, can we hear?? Because when we are drowned in water,people outside the water can’t hear us.

Yes,scientists say fish makes sound by oscillating its swim bladder or by rubbing its bones.https://youtu.be/BtsB_JKNn0A They used an instrument under water to capture its sound.

If an instrument can make one to hear the sound of the fish under water, don’t worry if you are drowned in a pool of problems. There is a God who can hear you wherever you are.

Wherever you might be, know The best companion who is with you and who can hear you at all times.

Still you have doubt whether God can hear you..? I can clear it. I make Preyerna sleep and will be doing my work somewhere outside the room or house. But my innerheart detects her crying sound once she wake up wherever I might be. Everyone will be shocked about my sensitivity to her sound. I would have missed once or twice as I am mere a human. But our Almighty God hears whomever call unto him at any time from anywhere. 

“Call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.”Psalms 50:159

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I am a mom learning from a toddler and from each and every moment of life. I share my experiences, great thoughts and insights of life which made great change in my iner self and made to find the bests in me.

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