More than obedience

My God given girl “Preyerna ” just taught me what is more than obedience. Preyerna : There are lots of mosquitoes in room. Dad : The door is opened . That’s why there is too much of mosquitoes Preyerna: πŸ€”(She was thinking for 2 seconds.. immediately she went and closed the door) We didn’t tellContinue reading “More than obedience”

The Best Love πŸ’˜

I miss a person in my life. As I was talking about that person to my husband, he asked why do I like that person.  Then my mind was processing why do I like her?? Answer is β€œshe likes me so much, so I like her”. Yup! If someone likes us, definitely we will likeContinue reading “The Best Love πŸ’˜”