With all the people , we must have gone through negative as well as positive situations.  But does our positive deeds overrides the negative things we had done..?? Yes, definitely.  Let me tell my experience.

My grandmom’s name Annathai doesn’t mean “Inspiration “, yet she has inspired me. There were some negative incidents that happened between us but I don’t wish to recall those because her love and affection she had on me overcame those

Her good deeds washed away the dark incidents from my memory.  My love towards her increased.

Still have doubt whether your sins are forgiven..?? The Almighty God’s blood is so powerful to wash out our sins. Its forgiven and forgotten by God.

This gave me the clear knowledge how my Holy God can cleanse away my sins and make me holy too.

Jesus Christ’s most powerful big worthy Holiness washed away my dark sins.

Yes, I am cleansed by His most holy blood which alone has the power to dump my sins deep deep and deeper. What a great assurance !!

Jesus Christ shed his holy blood for us which is worthy to make us Holy. Believe , get cleansed and taste the priceless love of God.

Lost but Found..!!

I lost my grandmother Mrs Annathai on November 12,2020. Her absence made me realize that she is the one who always wish to be near me. The whole house have her presence because she is so much aware about the nook and corner of the house and have left lots of memories about each thing present here. Each thing reminds me of her. I am happy that I was with her in the last hour of her life and she went to be with the Lord peacefully. Her life has taught me great lessons.

I haven’t closed the doors of my house and gone somewhere because paati(grandmom) will always be there. But now, the doors are closed and the room is empty.

Earthly doors may be closed but the doors of heaven are still open for you and me. Let us live the life which our Jesus Christ wish to be.

This reminded me the doors of heaven. Its not closed as of now, but a day will come when God seperates people based on their deeds. People who believed Jesus Christ and lived according to his will have the doors of heaven opened for them and for the remaining people, the doors of heaven will be closed. 

Let us get ready for the coming of Christ and let the doors of heaven be opened for us.

NO REPLACEMENT – the best lover at all times !!

There are no substitutes for certain people in our lives. Mother’s love, father’s counsel, sister’s scoldings,Husband’s care and questioning grandparents.

I also found that there is no substitute to the one who provides me strength, who make a perfect way before me and help me run steadily in all the ups and downs in my life. It is my Almighty God Jesus  Christ who can be with me all the time.

Yes, Only God can strengthen youuuuuu….hold his hands and feel strong.

Yes, none in this world can strengthen us in our tough times. Let Jesus Christ be our strength and love at all stages of our life.

But to be honest, many of our loved ones would have left this world and we would be expecting that love and care from others. Perfect and true love can only be from our Almighty God. Believe and love Him, He is The best Lover ever.

Be the best place to live in !!

We all need a place to stay. People love to be at their own home which is their most comfortable place. Some will not be able to adjust in others home. But I had a schooltime friend named Bhanupriya who gets adjusted in anyplace she goes. Seeing her I felt I should also be an adjusting type and be happy wherever I am.

Few days before, our airconditioner and washing machine got repaired.  To our surprise, we found that the machine got repaired because of the squirrels which has built its home inside it.

Let’s provide ourselves available for The Mighty God to live within us.

Yeah, all of us will somehow find a place to live. Luke 9:57 says, Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place even to lay his head.

The Awesome God who loves to live within us never forces anyone to give a place in their heart . But He is eager to be within us. Revelation 3:20 in bible says “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

Having a mighty Creator within us is the best strength anyone can have, then why should we have a second thought to let the mighty God inside us. Its a human nature to make the place clean for the people invited to stay. Let us clean our hearts and let The Holy God inside our hearts.