Become the best treasure to people around you 💓

Hii friends, do you have habbit of reserving certain things, dresses, jewels of yours to the next generation of yours..??keep reading to know mine..

I had some dresses,toys of mine and my husband for my kids. This is common. But added to this, I just bought a wreath when we went to kodaikanal which is most commonly available. After many years, I handed it to my daughter. She just played for few minutes and it was torn into pieces. The toy we had was also broken by her. In this small age,she will not know that we have saved it for her. Even if I haven’t given her,she is not going to worry.

Instead of saving a dress in an old cupboard, it will be a great treasure in someone’s home. Start saving treasures in heaven .

Similarly we will have many talents and we will be waiting for an opportunity to use it. Many of our talents remain hidden because of this. Why don’t we create opportunities and make use of our talents. All the things which I once saved for preyerna would have been a useful one for another person.

So instead of reserving for your kid, let it be used by others who are in need. Likewise make use of your talents now and then which will be useful for many people around you.

Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Mathew 6:20

The Best Compliment is waiting for U !!

I got a compliment from a person who has entered our family through a marriage.  We don’t know each other and we haven’t talked much. But she complimented me that I have a beautiful smile. After hearing it, my smile became still more beautiful because it was the compliment I received after many years.  Before many used to tell about my smile and I forgot it and that small lovable compliment reminded me.

This incident reminded me the compliments which I have received from Jesus Christ for the prayer I have done, faith I have, love I have shown. We can’t expect everyone to remind or appreciate us. Instead let’s remember our compliments and continue it forever.

I thought I should search for a smiling pic of mine. To my surprise there are many which I haven’t noticed. Wish I should have this smile when I meet Jesus to receive the best compliment. I definitely will pass on this smile to many more to receive the best compliment.

We are going to get a compliment when we meet  our father in heaven which The Bible says  ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ Matthew 25:21

Are we making ourselves ready to receive this best compliment from the Almighty God.?

Special thanks to Mrs. Gowrin ashwin who has inspired me to write on the best compliment.

The best freedom can be received !!

After a long time, am writing this blog. Though many insights popped up , allotting a time to write was very difficult for me. I didn’t give importance to write the best which I have learnt these days.

It’s easy to postpone certain things . There can be no tomorrow. So let’s use the today effectively and productively.

Bible says in psalms 118: 24 says “This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Are u glad and are you rejoicing…? Find out where you have lost your happiness. But coming out of sadness ,depression,heartbreak,failures, disappointments,deep wounds in heart, injustice, shame, harsh words etc is not easy. Freedom from any of these can be obtained from Lord Jesus Christ. I am telling this because I have tasted this freedom which no man or no positive vibes or anything that you may think can give.

Spread the happiness. Yes , I wish to spread the joy of the best freedom I have received in Christ.

The best freedom – the best wonder that has happened to me. I wish this to happen in the lives of many too.

You can comment , if any doubts. I am ready and confident to share the best freedom with you.

Nullify loneliness – Find the best companion!

Certain empty places in life are because of the people who leave this earth. This can’t be changed and it’s unavoidable. When my grandmother left the earth, I could feel the emptiness at home. And the other thing I noticed is when our pet dogs died, the next day I felt the emptiness in the garden. Though I was not close to those dogs,it’s absence made my heart sad.

Emptiness when people leave our life because of certain problems or misunderstandings is so so terrible and it’s very difficult to withstand that situation. Though we convince those people, they don’t compromise or ready to join us and walk with us in the rest of our life.

I never wish to leave my God given girl “preyerna” alone. But it’s impossible. Yet I give her a great God who will be with her always , all time. Are you ready to give this best companion to your child??

This same feeling would have been with the people close to Jesus Christ when He was crucified. But Jesus Christ didn’t want them to feel the loneliness or emptiness, so He sent The Holy Spirit to be with them always.

Yes, we are not alone. Bible says “God will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—the Spirit of truth “. What a great concern and love Jesus Christ has for each one of us. None of us is left alone or forgotten by Him.