The best place for everyone !

Hi friends, are you holding every problem in your hands?? It’s very difficult to carry ourselves. My little girl “Preyerna” she just took whatever toys she need ,in her hands and one by one fell from her hands. So she just took a basket and put everything inside. She just felt easy after that.

This little girl taught me an easy way to carry ours. But what we do…?? We have many works, problems, criticisms, heart breaks, denials, betrayals etc..we carry them on ourselves. Don’t you feel difficult and tired or still you didn’t find the place like a basket to put those in and feel free..

Yes dear friends, feel free to leave the circumstances which you cannot hold in the hands of God. Many people who don’t know this will end up in a wrong decision. So please share them about this special place.

I have to tell about a friend who is ready to accept all your burdens and worries and give you rest. That good friend of all is Jesus Christ.      

         Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Mathew 11:28

All around me speaks about You !!

I felt I wasn’t close to You. I can feel the gap between us. I didn’t make much conversation with You.
I didn’t show my love.

I was busy and found You are missing;
Once I was busy with my friends, You brought me out
Next with my love, You taught my first love should be You
Next with my kid ,You told you will take care
Now am busy with my business, my heart says definitely You can bring me out of this too.

You” is my God Jesus Christ. I am nothing without You Lord. I just want me to be always near You !! Nothing can make me go far away from You.

Friends, love, kids, work;
Nothing is wrong but don’t let them fill our heart.

Check yourself,,
Does any of the above fill your mind during your quiet time with God…..?
Now get on your knees, get right with God.

Believe me, you will become more closer to JesusChrist than before.

History Maker !

Many people wish to create memories.  They travel, party, pose, gift and spend time just to create memories. Ofcourse, Memories are so powerful because they take longer time to vanish from our memory. Some memories make us smile , some make us cry.

But instead of creating memory, why dont everyone start to create history???????

History is made when we achieve a greater thing. It makes known and unknown people to us to smile and its worthier than the temporary smiles created by memories. Memories influence a person or may be a group of people but History influences the life of many, the nation and the World.

Look at yourself and know the talents God has given you. They are given to touch the life of many and create history.

I feel Jesus Christ has created the best History because His works in this world for us is something unimaginable . He has given His own life for us and cleansed our sins through His Holy blood. This deed of Jesus Christ has always brought everlasting joy in the life of many.

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift !!
2Corinthians 9:15


With all the people , we must have gone through negative as well as positive situations.  But does our positive deeds overrides the negative things we had done..??

My grandmom’s name Annathai doesn’t mean “Inspiration “, yet she has inspired me. There were some bad circumstances that happened between us but I don’t wish to recall those after her death because her positiveness overcame those situations. Her good deeds washed away the dark areas from my memory.  My love towards her increased.

Still have doubt whether your sins are forgiven..?? The Almighty God’s blood is so powerful to wash out our sins. Its forgiven and forgotten by God.

This gave me the clear knowledge how my Holy God can cleanse away my sins and make me holy too. My dark sins are washed away by His most powerful big worthy Holiness. Yes, I am cleansed by His most holy blood which alone has the power to dump my sins deep deep and deeper. What a great assurance !!