Do not share..

Oh what a contradictory topic. Everyone tells to share but why did I tell not to share. Keep reading and know what not to share. You are going to miss the best when you share your favorite . Understood?? No worries. I will tell you what I learnt from my kid Preyerna and you can understand it.

My daughter preyerna shares everything with me.. even if she takes a stick or a leaf to play , she takes another two for me and for her dad. When we were having tendercoconut water, she said this is for amma and appa. But when it comes to chocolate which is all kids favorite,she wishes not to share. It can be her mom or dad or anybody around her, she doesn’t wish to share her favorite. 

She went with her dad to the Salt pan but she has got seeds for me too.

Let our time with God become our favorite that we don’t wish to share with anyone whosoever that be.

Our time with God makes our personal relationship with Him stronger.  We will not be shaken for He is right beside us.

Preyerna’s act just made me think that my time with God should be felt precious than any other thing in this world. Let it not be stolen by any for any cause. When we have something precious we don’t want anybody to take away from us or ask that from us.

The Time with Jesus Christ becomes precious when we start doing the below:

• Know Him
• Hear His voice
• Get answers from Him
• Obey Him
• Follow Him
• Get closer to Him
• Know the plans of your life
• Wait for His reply
• Become His friend

You will show me the way of life,
    granting me the joy of your presence
    and the pleasures of living with you forever. Psalms 16:11

The best believer 🙌

It’s very difficult to believe someone when things always go wrong with them. But I was very fascinated by a lady called Ruth. Hopefully she is the best believer in the old testament of Bible.

Nowadays for to believe Jesus Christ,people have many conditions like

  • Miracles should happen
  • Sorrows should be turned to joy
  • Twice the blessings for what they have lost
  • Happiness only should be in life
  • No disaster should happen
  • Healing compulsory

In the life of Ruth, nothing above happened when she came into the family which knows The true Almighty God.  In fact she faced many tragedies in her life . She was left alone . She faced losses, loneliness, sufferings in her life.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. Be the best believer and get rewarded from the righteous God.

Yet Ruth was not afraid of the life she is going to live thereafter. She was so determined to live with her mother in law Naomi in Bethlehem. She left her father, mother and the very own place where she was born and decided to live with the strangers. Her hope was on the Only God of Naomi.

Ruth’s belief was something awesome and the best. Because she just saw the Holy God and came under His wings to take refuge and was rewarded fully. Though everything failed in her family life, she just kept hold on the true God. No matter what, she didn’t backslide.

Wish this strong determination of the lady Ruth be with all the people who look towards Jesus Christ. At any cost, people must accept believe and follow Him.

Give thanks !!

On my birthday, I just saw my wedding ring was missing in my fingers. The before day, we went to a watch showroom . I thought I missed it there because I removed it in that shop. I was very much worried and told it to Mr. H (my husband). It was right near my leg and he found it.

After sometime I found my bracelet was missing, I told Mr H and we were searching all round the home. As I had another work, Mr H left me there and he searched for nearly 2 hours and found it. He called me and said that he found the bracelet.  I just replied “oh okay, I will talk to you later . I am busy right now.” He said ” it took much time for me to to find it. You have to say me thanks for this”.

Not just on special days, but on everyday give thanks to Jesus Christ whose love for you is forever

Those words just banged my head, how many times I have missed saying thanks to the God who created me. The reason for it is not that I have forgotten the good things He has done for me, it’s because I am too busy doing my works. Are my works too important than the one who is providing me the breath to live??

God is working for us a lot for each and every single gift we receive. It might look like a simple thing but it’s the result of His wonderful deeds which He has done/is doing for us. So let’s make ourselves busy in thanking our God, The Creator.

To the loving youth 💙

Written with love to all the amazing and talented youth all around me. I wish there be no person again like me . Read below to know more.

There are certain rules and regulations for each and everything we do. Basic works like washing,folding and ironing a cloth needs certain steps to be followed.If we are not going to follow those steps, we are going to end up doing those works in an imperfect manner and we will also lack knowledge in those works.

From my childhood, I don’t care when others tell me to do things properly. I don’t write in a straight line, my outlines will not be straight, I don’t drive even the cycle straightly. I omit computer science and general knowledge subjects because they are not added in my total to decide my rank. And it goes on. These may look like simple mistakes but these made me imperfect in doing everything. Now I regret.

Many people in the world don’t want anybody to control them or they don’t like to be under any rules. We wish to be free and enjoy doing whatever we think. Even I was the same and now I am reaping for what I did. I lack knowledge about many and I don’t know to do things perfectly. I don’t want the next generation to do the same as I did.

Enjoyment is not received when we break the commands but when we follow them and feel the success in our life. Just welcome the good counsels which u receive so that you need not regret later.

Now the whole world wishes to do whatever it likes. It may be right or wrong, it does what it thinks . People don’t like to stick to a rule. Lifestyle,marriage style(homosexual),parenting style everything is getting changed. But these changes are going to affect the later part of life.

There are many good counsels in the Bible. We tell “I just need to enjoy,why should the rule control me “. But to be true, we follow the rules of our company because we need the salary. We follow the rules in our country so that we are not fined or punished. Jesus says,” If ye love me, keep my commandments”. People answers , “I don’t need this love”.To follow the good teachings in the Bible for the well-being of us, why are we stubborn??

The Truth sets us free. So don’t ignore the good teachings in the Bible, just ignore the wrong thoughts that overrule you which has no good to offer you back but plenty of failures, sadness and imperfections.


My mistakes.🙃