Alphabets taught by Preyerna

Happy to write to the people who are eager to find the bests within you and with you. I think you are all shocked on reading my title. But it’s true and you can find below the alphabets she taught me.

A she made me a living Art for Christ
B she made me think Big
C she made me Cook different dishes
D she made me Dance crazily
E she made me rise up Early
F she made me Feel the grace of God
G she made me Grow in many ways
H she made me know Hanley (my husband)a lot
I she made me a great Inspirer
J she made me to be Joyful in little things
K she made me Know more about God
L she made me Love God more
M she made me More of Christ
N she made me know how God Nurtures all
O she made me change my Outlook
P she made me Pray at night
Q she made me write Quotes
R she made me Read books
S she made me sing new songs on my own
T she made me Think everything will become easy if we are ready to take first step
U she made me Understand the love of a Mother
V she made me take new Ventures
W she made me know my Weakness and Work on it
Y she made me feel Young
Z she made me Zealous

Children teach us a lot when we are ready to learn from them. Its not our duty to make them grow,we should grow along with them.

The growth of the seedling which we have planted,makes us happy. Be happy to see the growth of your child as well as yours.

Many have thoughts like they are working for the child,sometimes get irritated too. But the truth is children are the ones who finetune us.

Keep following to get finetuned and know the best .


Hello all, its me Pradheepah. I am a mom of a girl named “Preyerna ” which means inspiration. Yes, her birth inspired me a lot and she made me to find the best in me. This made me to start a blog and inspire everyone who reads this.

Its me and my inspiration

Yup, I wish everyone to find The best, receive The best and enjoy The best. Keep following me to find the-bests in you.