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In love ❤

In the above verses queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon but she didn’t believe until she saw those with her own eyes. She didn’t stop with that , she continued saying not even half was reported to her about king Solomon. We in our life would have heard much about the heavenContinue reading “In love ❤”

Do not share..

Oh what a contradictory topic. Everyone tells to share but why did I tell not to share. Keep reading and know what not to share. You are going to miss the best when you share your favorite . Understood?? No worries. I will tell you what I learnt from my kid Preyerna and you canContinue reading “Do not share..”

The best believer ðŸ™Œ

It’s very difficult to believe someone when things always go wrong with them. But I was very fascinated by a lady called Ruth. Hopefully she is the best believer in the old testament of Bible. Nowadays for to believe Jesus Christ,people have many conditions like Miracles should happen Sorrows should be turned to joy TwiceContinue reading “The best believer ðŸ™Œ”