Give thanks !!

On my birthday, I just saw my wedding ring was missing in my fingers. The before day, we went to a watch showroom . I thought I missed it there because I removed it in that shop. I was very much worried and told it to Mr. H (my husband). It was right near my leg and he found it.

After sometime I found my bracelet was missing, I told Mr H and we were searching all round the home. As I had another work, Mr H left me there and he searched for nearly 2 hours and found it. He called me and said that he found the bracelet.  I just replied “oh okay, I will talk to you later . I am busy right now.” He said ” it took much time for me to to find it. You have to say me thanks for this”.

Not just on special days, but on everyday give thanks to Jesus Christ whose love for you is forever ❤

Those words just banged my head, how many times I have missed saying thanks to the God who created me. The reason for it is not that I have forgotten the good things He has done for me, it’s because I am too busy doing my works. Are my works too important than the one who is providing me the breath to live??

God is working for us a lot for each and every single gift we receive. It might look like a simple thing but it’s the result of His wonderful deeds which He has done/is doing for us. So let’s make ourselves busy in thanking our God, The Creator.

Published by bestportionforever

I am a mom learning from a toddler and from each and every moment of life. I share my experiences, great thoughts and insights of life which made great change in my iner self and made to find the bests in me.

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