The best freedom can be received !!

After a long time, am writing this blog. Though many insights popped up , allotting a time to write was very difficult for me. I didn’t give importance to write the best which I have learnt these days.

It’s easy to postpone certain things . There can be no tomorrow. So let’s use the today effectively and productively.

Bible says in psalms 118: 24 says “This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Are u glad and are you rejoicing…? Find out where you have lost your happiness. But coming out of sadness ,depression,heartbreak,failures, disappointments,deep wounds in heart, injustice, shame, harsh words etc is not easy. Freedom from any of these can be obtained from Lord Jesus Christ. I am telling this because I have tasted this freedom which no man or no positive vibes or anything that you may think can give.

Spread the happiness. Yes , I wish to spread the joy of the best freedom I have received in Christ.

The best freedom – the best wonder that has happened to me. I wish this to happen in the lives of many too.

You can comment , if any doubts. I am ready and confident to share the best freedom with you.

Published by bestportionforever

I am a mom learning from a toddler and from each and every moment of life. I share my experiences, great thoughts and insights of life which made great change in my iner self and made to find the bests in me.

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